Proable NZ Iwalk 2.0

Proable NZ – suppliers of the Iwalk 2.0 Knee Crutch

ProableNZ Ltd, is the home of the iWalk 2.0, a hands-free crutch system that enables you to continue your life regardless of your injury.

Pam and Les Geddes, creators of ProableNZ Ltd had been searching for a piece of equipment for a customer and stumbled across the iWalk.
It had only been on the market for 1 week.
She read the information from beginning to end and thought, “I have to bring this to NZ!”

People who have found us have also been searching for an alternative to crutches, knee scooters and wheelchairs.

We have sold the iWalk to those diligent souls and most have been overjoyed with what they have been able to do while they have been recovering. They walked into their clinics and convinced some of the Orthopaedic personal that this was the way to go.

We currently have an Orthopaedic Surgeon using one after rupturing his Achilles Tendon, and he is very happy to recommend it to his patients.

We have clients aged from 74 down to 15 who have used, or are currently using an iWalk,
With occupations ranging from Fisheries Workers, Sporting Professionals, Farmers, Truck Drivers, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Business Owners, Mothers, and Shop Assistants (Check out our testimonials).

We even have one woman who had planned to take her elderly mother to Melbourne for an event but had been injured just beforehand. She was able to carry on with her travel plans and even pushed her mother through the airport in a wheelchair whilst loaded with luggage! Try that on crutches!

So why the iWalk and ProableNZ Ltd?
We believe this is the most professional and appropriate solution to the pain that is crutches, giving people the ability to manage their lives whilst recovering from a below knee, non-weight-bearing injury or medical procedure.


For more information about this service please contact Pat.

Phone: +64-9-443-1076
Mobile: +64-274-20-20-31


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