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Safer at home with SECURELY for Independence

In any kind of situation, at the press of a button or a voice command, we’ll be in touch with you right away. Once we know what’s happening, we will get the help you choose or need, whether it’s an ambulance, your family or perhaps you just need your neighbour to help you. No matter what is happening, you will get the help you need. We will stay on the line, support you or your carer until help arrives, and if things change while help is on the way, we are able to support you and keep the help informed. We can let your family and friends know if you’re taken to hospital.


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Press your SECURELY for independence alarm button or your personal pendant or use a simple voice command to alert our 24 hour, seven day a week monitoring team to your emergency call.



Preventing injury and helping people maintain or regain independence is key to enabling people to be safe at home.


SECURELY has a range of products to help.

We have a range of sensors available, which are designed to detect when a person is moving about unexpectedly and can be programmed to an individual’s needs and routines. They can be linked to the personal pager of an in-house caregiver or to our monitoring centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Either way, an alarm will be activated if a person is at risk.
SECURELY’s range of detectors, tailored to the needs of the user, can detect movement or lack of it. They will notify if a person has fallen or if there is smoke in the home. Detectors can either be linked to the personal pager of an in-house caregiver or to our monitoring centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day.

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About Us

Securely is part of Electra Limited, a Trust owned electricity lines operator in the Kapiti & Horowhenua regions. Since 1922, Electra has been delivering a dependable, safe and secure source of power to the properties in these growing regions of New Zealand.

It is this business pedigree that SECURELY brings to its customers through an innovative range of solutions in the smart home, security and independent living space. Most of us use and depend on our smart phone as the device of choice to access our family, friends, apps and the Internet. Now you can use your smart device to manage your home, set and unset your security system and receive info about your loved ones that want to remain independent but know help is there if needed.


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