Sumo Walking Stick & Pickup Aid

Sumo Supporting Mobility
Walking Stick and Pickup Aid
Introducing the world’s most versatile walking stick.

Enjoy greater mobility and independence with SUMO, a walking stick and reacher in one.

FIVE great functions in one!

SUMO (Supporting Mobility) is the world’s most versatile walking stick. With its five unique functions and patented technology, SUMO offers you mobility, freedom and versatility like no other walking stick.

The SUMO’s unique two-in-one walking stick and reacher allows you to do away with the inconvenience of a separate walking sticks and reacher.

The SUMO provides all the stability you need but the claw can be used to pick up dropped objects—everything from pills to the all-important TV remote.

The patented release button on SUMO means you can switch between walking stick, reacher and travel modes with ease, and the nifty magnet on the foot can be used to pick up dropped keys, coins, hairpins and much more. Even different heights are no problem with the two different models (short and tall) both with adjustable heights.

The SUMO has been quality engineered and is the only one of its kind. We know that once you have tried the SUMO nothing else will be good enough.

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