TXG® Compression Wear

About TXG

TXG® (Textile Energy) produce a range of high quality compression wear products which have been co-developed with a professional medical team in the United States and a dedicated stocking manufacturer based in Taiwan with over 30 years of socks and stockings manufacturing experience. Compression garments provide a raft of medical, sporting and general health and well being benefits for a wide range of wearers and activities. Click here  to learn more about the benefits of wearing compression wear.

Our garments are designed with graduated compression that conform to the profile of human arms and legs so that wearers gain the maximum benefit from using the products. Many other products on the market that are simply marketed as “compression socks” do not feature graduated compression and should be avoided.

Each product in our range is designed for certain applications and conditions. We do not subscribe to the simplistic one size fits all and one product covers all applications. Click here to see the full product range.

TXG is constantly combining technology, research and fine craftsmanship to advance our high quality range of compression wear by combining cutting-edge advancement and selection of fibres and materials such as: Marino wool, nylon, acrylic, Tencel, Micro Modal, Supima, Micro Nylon, Coolmax.


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Everyday Compression Wear

People confined to sitting or standing for long periods each day are more susceptible to poor circulation and related ailments..

Pregnancy & Maternity

For every woman, pregnancy is a beautiful period which is filled with hope and joy. In addition, it is also a very special period for their body, which must now care for “two” people at the same time..


The ultimate Sports socks  combining optimum compression and unique patented X-pattern support structure. TXG Compression Sports socks provide injury prevention, reduce recovery time…

Leisure & Travel

Proven to provide protection against deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and varicose veins, TXG Compression socks improve your blood circulation and health..

Diabetic & Medical

Diabetics and people sensitive to pressure points upon their skin need to take special care when selecting socks and footwear. Construction of TXG socks are specifically engineered to eliminate raised seams..

Arm/Leg Sleeves

Arm and leg compression sleeves boost your blood circulation for improved performance whilst maintaining flexibility for vigorous sports performers.

Need a waterproof cast cover?

We’re New Zealand’s waterproof cast cover specialists and we’re proud of that.

Our high quality, reusable, waterproof cast covers are manufactured in the United Kingdom from natural rubber and are designed to provide waterproof protection for plaster casts, dressings, burns and bandages.

We design our waterproof cast covers to conform to the shape of your limb which means that they are quick and easy to put on, take off and are comfortable to wear.

Because our arm and leg cast covers are fully watertight, you have complete confidence and peace of mind that your cast or dressing will stay dry even when completely submerged. This enables you to shower, bathe and even enjoy swimming at the beach or in a pool, making it possible for you to stay active and enjoy life, even with an injury.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and so our bandage and cast covers are available in a range of sizes suitable for all ages from infants to adults, this means that you can find the perfect fitting waterproof cast cover to make your life easier while you are recuperating.

We are proud to be a 100% NZ owned and operated business based in Auckland. This means that it is quick and easy for us to deliver your waterproof cast cover to you within 5 business days using our free standard shipping (+ 2 days for rural delivery), or if you would like it faster, you can choose to upgrade to Express shipping 2 business day delivery (+ 2 days for rural delivery) for just $5.

We take pride in our customer service, so if you are feeling a bit baffled, or have any questions we’re here to help and we are just a phone call or email away.

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